Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lori and I did a cleanse diet recently. All we ate were fruits, vegetables, nuts, oats and brown rice. And we had to drink our weight in ounces of water everyday. We did the diet for a week and were really strict about it. It was actually pretty yummy. We bought a ton of different fruits and veggies and mostly ate those.

As the diet went along we got more and more creative with our food and meals. Like almonds and pecans are even more delicious toasted in the oven for a little bit. And brown rice takes 8 cups of water to one cup of rice to make it soft and chewy. Potato wedges baked with lots of salt and pepper and garlic powder are so yummy even Kurt will eat our healthy food.

Throughout the week Lori had lots of funny, weird, ridiculous things to say...

Day 2: "This is the best dinner we've had in two days!"

Day 3: "I think I'm slowly starving to death."
           "Should we eat crap stuff just for today?"
           "I'm just gonna lick this French fry."

Day 4: "I'm probably going to get high from this sauce."

Day 5: "Honey! You better jump on this bandwagon!"

Day 6: "Should we cheat just for today?!?"
            "Kurt ate my potato wedge when he can eat anything he wants in the world!"